MONO莫诺螺杆泵 Merlin 工业泵系列产品

MONO莫诺螺杆泵 Merlin 工业泵系列产品

MONO莫诺螺杆泵 Merlin 工业泵系列产品沿用已久和经受考验的泵设计,

Merlin 工业泵系列提供给您一款经济和紧凑型号,



容量                 压力                     温度
立方米 / 小时   可达 61bar           可达 10°C-10 到 100
加仑 / 分钟       可达 268psi          可达 145°F14 到 212


MONO莫诺螺杆泵 特性与优点  MONO莫诺螺杆泵 Merlin 工业泵系列 性能

MONO莫诺螺杆泵 Merlin 工业泵系列  Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Models

MONO莫诺螺杆泵 Applications



聚合电解液 石灰
碳泥 分类污泥
过滤压制淤渣 硫酸铝
矿井水 煤泥
苛性碱溶液 汽油
柴油 乙二醇
粘土浆 二氧化钛
膨润土浆 乳胶
淀粉 陶瓷浆

MONO莫诺螺杆泵 特性与优点

  • 平稳的抽吸动作最大程度地减小泵送产品的剪切和挤压损坏
  • 自吸泵并能在各个方向上运行
  • 紧凑和坚固的设计令其性能耐久可靠nce
  • 结构简单维修便利
  • 可将吸入腔旋转 90以便于安装
  • 剪切敏感和粘度物料、悬浮固体、磨蚀料和气体、液体和固体混合物的理想设备
  • 可提供符合 ATEX 指令 94/9/EC 的泵
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MONO莫诺螺杆泵 Merlin 工业泵系列 性能


MONO莫诺螺杆泵 Merlin 工业泵系列 

Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Models

1. The tabulated performance data is based upon handling clean water at 20°C using a natural rubber stator grade A.
2. ABS kW = Absorbed power on pump operation.
3. For guidance in selecting a pump for use with other fluids of varying abrasion and viscosity refer to
Mono Pumps Ltd., Audenshaw, Manchester.
4. For F & G Builds use H performance details under Model No.
Bareshaft Pump Dimensions



Diagram 1. Models AA, AB, AC & AE.
Typical Builds H and M.
Cast Iron and Stainless Steel
Diagram 2. Models AA, AB, AC & AE.
Typical Build F.
Cast Iron only.



Diagram 3. Models AA, AB, AC & AE.
Typical Builds G and N.
Cast Iron only
Diagram 4. Models AF, Build H and AG Build M.
Cast Iron and Stainless Steel.



Diagram 5. Models AF, Build G and AG Build N.
Cast Iron only.
  Foundation Fixing Details
1. All dimensions are in millimetres unless otherwise stated and are for guidance only. For full certified drawings refer to Mono Pumps Ltd.
2. On models AA AB AC AE and AF cast iron flanges are to BS EN 1092 25/11 and stainless steel flanges are to BS EN 1092 25/1.
On models AG only cast iron flanges are to BS 4505 16/11 and stainless steel flanges are to BS EN 1092 16/1.
3. Shaft diameters are to BS 4506: 1970 and keyways to BS 4234 Part No. 1/ISO R773.
4. SOG refers to pump suction at the gland or drive end of the pump. DOG refers to pump delivery at the gland or drive end of the pump.
5. E & E1 refer to hold down bolt sizes.

MONO莫诺螺杆泵 Applications

Liquid PVC
A CAE12H193 pump installed on a tile production line to pump liquid
PVC backing at 300 kg/h from storage vessels to the coating heads.
The low speed Merlin pump has a gentle conveying action to ensure the
integrity of the shear sensitive PVC coating and enable the liquid PVC to
be delivered to the coating heads at a constant flow rate, crucial to
obtaining an even coating.

A manufacturer of industrial hygiene cleaning products is using a Merlin
pump for chemical transfer and tanker loading duties. As some
chemicals can have a viscosity as high as 2,000 cP and be shear
sensitive, the progressing cavity pumping principle produces a low
shear pumping action to maintain product integrity and prevent

Raw Sewage
The combination of a Merlin pump and Mono macerator provides a highly
effective pumping and macerating system. This unit is installed in a rural
outhouse to transfer sewage at a capacity of 15m3/h to the main sewage
system. Situated above a well that collects raw sewage from local
cottages, the suction of the Merlin pump lifts the sewage from the well and
into the macerating chamber. The positive displacement action offers the
benefits of blockage-free operation and smooth transfer of the sewage
through small bore pipes into the main sewer.


Cattle Slurry
This CAB22H1R3 pump is part of a system to distribute the liquid from
cattle slurry over farm fields. Handling a capacity of 3000 l/h, the pump
is connected to pulser devices situated in various fields up to 1000m
away. The pulser is fitted with a bladder accumulator, which discharges
the liquid when the pressure reaches 71/2 bar.





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